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Wahkeena Sitka | Wahkeena Sitka
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Author: Wahkeena Sitka

This is a collection of my favorite tracks right now. Pretty much in love with every song on this mix. This represents what speaks to me as a listener and what inspires me as a vocalist. I hope you enjoy this music as much as I do, and I *HIGHLY* recommend downloading these albums and supporting these incredible artists & musicians.


The Human Experience - feat. Kat Factor & Goopsteppa • Slips Away ALIA & Entheo - feat. Amma Li Grace • Opening Bonobo - feat. Nicole Miglis • Surface Kai Altair - Remix by Kaminanda • Shadow Dance Wildlight - Remix by Clozee • Rain Lila Rose - Remix by KR3TURE • Confessions Wahkeena Sitka - Produced by Temple Step Project • Origin IFÉ - Remix by Nicola Cruz • House of Love The Human Experience - feat. Heather Christie & KR3TURE • Amber Glow Numatik - Remix by Kalya Scintilla • Ensename Kerli • Blossom Deya Dova • Rite of the Hunt Clozee • Secret Place Nicola Cruz • Tzantza Hopscotch • Red Sea Bluetech • Wandering Spirits Deya Dova • Hollow Bone Barbatuques - Remix by Clozee • Baiana Living Light • Cloud Seed Heather Christie - Produced by Sol Rising • Become Healing SaQi - feat. Worth - Remix by Rorschack • Whispers on the Wind Lulacruza - Remix by Nicola Cruz • Uno Resuena Yaima • Inner Worlds

Aloha Everyone, I've decided to create & share a brand new series of Vocal Alchemy videos for the Summer of 2014. I will be releasing a new Vocal Alchemy video on my youtube channel, hopefully one every week for the next few months. I have just launched the first 5 new videos today - to lay the foundation for the new series of videos... Please check them out & leave some comments! Let me know what you think!
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