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There is a fire burning bright, burning bright. There's a fire stirring in my soul tonight... I can feel my innocence, innocence - A desire that will not relinquish... There's a masterpiece inside of me. It wants to be shared & set free... So I'm calling to the most high - Let's ride this song into the stars in the sky...

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I've been going through a pretty rough time recently.. emotionally, mentally, physically, etc.. Been a rough few months, honestly.. Here's ode to my confusion, frustration and stress. Hope you enjoy!
Track Listing:
Subaqueous - Divine Revision Goapele - Play Emancipator - Outlaw Azam Ali - Endless Reverie Hibernation - Unknown Elements Aligning Minds - Weeping Willow Kilowatts - Night Writer Kaminanda - Guardians of Virtue Birds of Paradise Deya Dova - Experiment Zero Tube & Berger - Imprint of Pleasure Deepchild - Riyadh Noah Pred - Monotasking (Remixed by Brendon Moeller) Aligning Minds - A Noble Truth Emeli Sande - Heaven Desert Dwellers - Bodhi Mandala (Remixed by Drumspyder) Hibernation - Wabi Sabi Bluetech - Probability Tree Galactronic - Aguita Cristalina
Track Listing:
Ishq - And Awake Shakatura - Podular Manifestation Shamans Dream w/ Bluetech - Breath of Ma Tina Malia - Undercover Liquid Stranger - Magenta Akara remixed by Kalya Scintilla - The Emperor and the Oracle Bluetech & Kilowatts - Emerald Epiphytes Niyaz - Mazaar Kilowatts - End of the Year Kaminanda - As Above, So Below Bluetech & Kilowatts - Polychrome Petroglyph Desert Dwellers remixed by Kalya Scintilla - Crossing the Desert Solar Fields - Summer Evan Marc - Lineform Bluetech - 667 Azam Ali - Spring Arrives Galactronic - Dreamembering Anahata - Vishnu Bluetech & Mari Boine - Big Medicine William Close & David Block - Into the Mothership

Kilowatts • Acceptitude

Kilowatts has gone and raised the bar on both electronica and funk.. His album Acceptitude, which is honestly my favorite album to come out in 2012, is a completely ecstatic experience.. My favorite track is "End of the Year" - it makes me want to explode out of my body in some crazy kind of orgasmic catharsis.

Shaman's Dream • Prana Pulse

Craig Kohland went and had a love affair with Bluetech, and made a baby called Prana Pulse. Pretty much it's freaking awesome. Minimal Tech House married with velvetine, ambient sacred sonica. Gorgeous.

Liquid Stranger • Cryogenic Encounters

Lush and Sinuous, Pulsating, Fluid and Serpentine.. This is definitely one of my favorite albums to emerge in 2012… This almost 90 minute long album is a total sonic journey to explore both excited and relaxed, meditative states in. Easily my favorite offering by Liquid Stranger yet. Perfect for all forms of blissing out.

Kaminanda • Gateways of Consciousness

2012 was the year that Kaminanda completely ascended, and this album is the reason why.. Gateways of Consciousness is probably one of the best underground psychedelic electronica albums to come out and proves his skills at making beats you want to get down to… They don't call him Sexy Kaminanda for nothing!

Niyaz • Sumud

Lush and mesmerizing exotic persian music, yet laced with cool, rhythmic undertones of sexy electronic bass and rhythms in the vein of Trentemoller. This is also one of my favorite albums of the year. Azam Ali's voice is always soul-soothing and sensuous, but the electronica on this album packs a sexy punch.

Matthew Schoening • Motif

Matthew Schoening's fourth album might possibly be his best, due simply to the fact that it is so listenable, it takes you on a journey that is both refined, tribal and meditative. This is a high caliber offering from Mr. Schoening that can be adored hundreds of times to create the perfect ambience of relaxed altertness, yet refined focus.

Sacred Earth • Breathing Space

This is currently my absolute favorite, go-to album for meditation music. When I want to listen to music that is perfect for Qigong, Yoga or any other kind of healing arts, this is it. The haunting flutes and acoustic ambient textures create a perfect sonic realm to do any kind of personal practice within. If you love sacred / new age / meditative music, Get This. It's really amazing.

Lila Rose • Heart Machine

Ms. Lila Rose dropped a bomb called Heart Machine this last year, and it's quite a powerhouse of polished, yet very emotional catchy pop music. It definitely has a modern, polished west coast feeling, yet laced with almost traditional 80s style pop hooks. She has done an incredible job creating an album that you could get stuck in for a long time. Stand out tracks are: Obsession, Casting Shadows, & Lost Your Senses..

Ganucheau • Elements

I gotta say, I love me some minimalist ambient downtempo. This album is one of my favorites from 2012, and even though there are no vocals, there's only 5 tracks and it's only 40 minutes long, it is insanely listenable.. I have probably listened to it a hundred times since I first fell in love with it. For me, I love to listen to this while I work, as it has a clear, focused, rhythmic texture that is perfectly conducive for being alert yet creative.

Elijah Ray • Arrival

Who would ever have imagined cosmic angelic visionary poetry could sound like a cross between Michael Jackson, Queen and Muse? Obviously, Elijah Ray imagined it and created it. This album is probably one of the most uplifting, insanely positive sonic gems to emerge in the world this year. Filled with lyrics that are both inspiring, uplifting, activated, empowering and sounds that are complete & utter pop - this album is a really fun experience to open your heart to. My favorite track is "Anchorpop."

Tina Malia • The Lost Frontier

Tina Malia has gone and made a pop album. Who would've guessed that the underground goddess of the west coast sacred music community would now be soaring with synths, bass guitars, electronica and drum kits. I really like this album a lot. Some of the tracks remind me of Sarah McLachlan, while others retain her earlier soft, very feminine emotional feeling.

David Block & William Close • Earth Harp Vol. 1

This short, 31 minute long album is really one of my favorite releases of 2012. I am just in love with the fusion of live recordings of William Close's massive earth harp with the electronica production by David Block. The album is beautiful, organic and meditative, with just the right amount of rhythm. I could listen to this on repeat for hours, and I have!
Tracks in Order:
Wahkeena Sitka w/ Luke Mandala - The Great Mystery Phaeleh w/ Soundmouse - Breathe In Air Kyrstyn Pixton w/ Auditory Canvas - Out of Exile Shamans Dream w/ Bluetech - Submergence Ooze remixed by Bluetech - What's Up Kilowatts - Mobius Cakes Bluetech w/ Dr. Israel - Counting Out Stones Desert Dwellers remixed by Kalya Scintilla - Lotus Heart Kaminanda - Ritual Ecologies Birds of Paradise - Wingspan Random Rab w/ Sasha Rose & Dakini Star - The Reflection Phaeleh - Lament Goapele - Break of Dawn Liquid Stranger - Far and Beyond Pair of Arrows w/ Swan & R/D - Vestige Milosh - The World
The Great Mystery is a a recent collaboration / co-creation with Luke Mandala! I'm really excited about this track, and am hoping that this is the beginning of a entire brand new, full length album to be created in the next year. If you love this track, please support my creative visions by sharing the track with your friends & staying connected on Facebook! AND - you can now download the track FOR FREE by signing up for my Newsletter, on the sidebar to the left!! Love & Gratitude
Words cannot begin to express my unfathomable gratitude to all beings who co-created the Symbiosis Pyramid Eclipse Festival of 2012. Obviously there were 8,000 unique experiences of a singularly unique event that all took various perspectives and lenses. I just wish to give you my 13 (thousand) thank you's to all involved in the production & creation, and most especially to the Paiute Tribe for allowing the Symbiosis community to congregate on your most sacred land. I feel that the significance of this event cannot be understated. It is my sincere hope that we are gifted another opportunity to co-create Symbiosis at Pyramid Lake in the future. The land of Pyramid Lake is a true sacred site and a powerful magnetic vortex of magical, timeless energy. I feel that we have been deeply blessed to experience the Symbiosis festival on such holy land, and under such an auspicious astronomical alignment.
Here's a new song available for Free Download - it's a vocal / song rendition of the famous Quote by Marianne Williamson:
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