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The first time I ever heard the word Shakti used, it was in relation to sex and sexual energy. That was almost 7 years ago, when I'd just moved to the West Coast; still a newbie and naive to West Coast understandings & lingo. I was inspired to write this essay because I was disturbed by the definition for Shakti on, which reads: "Sexual energy. Shakti is a word new age hippies use because they're too politically correct to just say they're horny. As in, When I look at you with your dreadlocks and smell your patchouli I feel Shakti energy." This understanding of Shakti is a common misunderstanding that seems to be pervasive in our modern American culture, and I would like to throw in my two cents on the subject, because in my personal experience; Shakti is not Sexual Energy. So, what is Shakti? First, I would like to speak from my experience and then from classical Indian definitions and descriptions. I know when I am shaktified - as the feeling of being Shaktified is a decidedly different state than that of regular, daily life - the life of the mundane; being filled with Shakti is the most prized, most special state to be in. When I am filled with Shakti - for me it is a spiritual, ecstatic energy that moves through my whole body - a spiritual, mystical power that liberates me and allows me to become an embodiment of the Divine Feminine and the frequency of the Goddess. This most often happens in relationship to music; chanting, drumming, rhythms, dancing.
I have 6 planets in fire signs; four of them in Leo. My sun sign is Leo, and my moon is in Aries - which means I have a strong stubborn streak. I have long attracted a number of Fire sign people in my life, especially powerhouse Shakti-Mama women. We're a challenging bunch of people. I am in love with every fire sign kindred spirit that I have in my life, but there is something about the Fire Sign personality that is so intense and can be so challenging for people to be in relationship with. Sometimes I scorn the Aries energy in me, but it's not going away; you have to love and accept yourself and come to a state of self-knowledge in order to be at peace with oneself and life. Today someone said to me that he sees me as very emotionally detached and reserved. He asked where I was at emotionally, considering I am on the Big Island. He said most people come here to the Big Island and go through a lot of intensity because Pele stirs up so much emotion and fire energy. I then told him about my planets in Fire signs, and that I have a lot of fire energy. I told him that in my best moments in life, I am like the ultimate ADD child on psychedelic fire; I can be a wild, torrential rain of ecstatic Shakti energy - but completely ungrounded and oblivious to everything around me. So, I've been forced to learn to temper my flames and ground my energy, because it's really the only option for day to day living. I've had to cool down and focus on relaxing and cultivating a grounded energy body - it's quite a work in progress, but it's where my intention is. I'm kind of like Pele, with a lot of intense, fire energy stirring within, trying to allow it all to settle down and become hard, dense stone.
To understand embodiment, it is helpful to look at its opposite; being unembodied. It is easy to fall into an un-embodied state; it's easy to lose oneself and to not be aware that oneself has become un-embodied, and not notice until the signs are screaming at you in every direction - especially in this culture. In fact, our culture supports and encourages its citizens to be un-embodied. Thus, becoming Embodied is a revolutionary act of freedom, in this culture of enslavement to socially dysfunctional norms. Our modern American culture supports people becoming walking thoughts; stuck in mental quagmires of drama, rules, stress, meetings, obligations, and the regurgitation of socially enforced programming. Whether we are driving our car or working on our computer or shopping, our minds are frequently attuned to the 'what to do' dial on the radio. In our stressful society, one that encourages us to do so much, accomplish so much, to be driven to take care of all the myriad tasks at hand, where our minds are frequently overwhelmed and scattered by the stimulus coming into our field, our 'sympathetic nervous system' is in control - which is regulated by the neurotransmitter Norepipinephrine, otherwise known as Adrenaline. How many people do you know that have said, "I don't know how to relax. I can only relax when I'm doing something. I'm an adrenaline junkie!"
Ordinarily, I wouldn't post something this informal on my blog on Embodied Being, as I prefer to keep my blog posts here limited to more formal philosophical / spiritual essays. But, I felt called to post this status update, because occasionally I get emails from people from different places asking me to be available for this or that, and to inquire about therapeutic sessions. So, I am sending this update to let people, mostly people who aren't friends on Facebook, know what's up with me. I'm on the Big Island of Hawaii. I've been here since the second week of March, and I think I will be here until the end of April, maybe even into May. I am sensing that I will be back in Oregon by the second week of May, theoretically. I may try to head over to either Kauai or Maui before leaving Hawaii, for probably a week, and then head "home". Although, more and more, I am settling in here and feeling at home here on the Big Island. Although, I am beginning to feel as though I'd rather just stay here for a while and really go deep into a prolonged retreat.
Upon entering the hushed room, she began sobbing. She began wailing and emotionally releasing so much anger, sadness, disgust, devastation and empathy. Her heart wept, and everyone nearby came up to hold her through her grieving. For the next hour, she was held by an entire room of friends and allies, as she processed her grief through tears, weeping into a bowl filled with crystals. Her allies came and held her body, laid their body next to hers, simply to hold her through the intense release of energy. Today was a day like any other, but for her it was a day of transformation. A day of grieving and working through her deep subconscious emotional body, to process and clear her emotional energy body, to allow for a greater level of clarity to open. In the wake of her grieving, as I sat and held space surrounded by a half dozen allies holding space in silence through her weeping convulsions, I had a realization. In moments such as these, it seems as though the most subtle of actions can have a reaction in someone else's emotional energetic process. In certain moments, as I went into deep meditation and simultaneously elevated both a fork full of food, and a vision of her bright eyed face in my vision, she began another wave of weeping. In certain moments, it's possible to feel an invisible psychic thread weaving one unrelated event - the event of a fork moving through the air, with the event of her emotional body releasing. The timing; simultaneous - and as the fork lifted, a bunch of sage was burnt and released into the room. And in silence, the room of allies looked through each other's eyes and felt the heaviness and purification that she was going through, that we were all simultaneously supporting through her healing journey.
32610069As I sift through the rubble and shattered lives through the images & videos & news on the internet, my heart feels extremely heavy, and sad. I sit here, in New York City, in the capital of the American financial industry, in one of the crucial centers of wealth and global imperialism, looking through the internet at the wreckage of the earthquake, in one of the many historically impoverished nations in this world. And I wonder, why are the the places that are the most in need, the places where the people have so much to lose because they had so little to begin with, the places where the poverty is so high, why are these places continually targeted by natural disasters? The last several major disasters that come to my mind were all regions where many numbers of impoverished people lived.... Haiti, New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina, the SE Asian Tsunami, the Hurricane in Guatemala............ (letting out a deep, sad sigh....) Why, why why?
Written in Response to the essay, "Tuning In!" published in the most recent issue of Conscious Dancer Magazine. Listen to the sounds surrounding you now. Open your ears. What do you hear? In every moment, we are saturated in a vibrational field of sounds, resonating within the cellular chamber of our body. Our body receives every sound and energy pulsing through it, from the dump truck picking up trash first thing in the morning, to the sound of a bus beeping as it backs up, to the sound of a hummingbird hovering just above us out of reach, to the undulating pulsings of a deep throat singing tone. Every sound registers in our body, and if we are present enough to the sensations in our body as we sit in a Modern Urban environment, we can learn how to become vibrationally aware to the degree that our bodies are being constantly thwarted in its attempt to reside in a peaceful state of homeostasis. Our bodies have the capacity to experience deep states of blissfulness, relaxation and pleasure. And likewise, our bodies have the tremendous capacity to be overwhelmed by stress, tension, pain and irritation.
5294_136419873948_130555943948_3382558_152125_nThis summer I have been facilitating Ecstatic Medicine Vocal Circles as a workshop coordinator at several festivals: Emrg'n'See, Mystic Garden Party, Beloved Festival with the next and final workshop festival facilitating occuring at Symbiosis. This has been an amazing experience for myself as a facilitator, and I feel that I have been learning a lot about how to be a facilitator and guide through these experiences, and have been receiving nothing but amazing feedback and love from my work. For this, I am so grateful - and I am looking forward to returning to next year's festivals to facilitate more workshops, hopefully to build my practice to include more Qi Gong, and to have an album to be able to offer to all those who have expressed interest. At Beloved, as I introduced my workshop, I felt exhausted and low energy - I was scheduled in the morning, and I am not a morning person. I did not show up feeling ready at all, and I felt disconnected and nervous as I began speaking in front of the largest group I'd ever seen. Typically, in Ashland, the Vocal Circles have been no more than 8 - and at Beloved, I had a group of perhaps 40+. And as I introduced my work, I explained that I am new to being a guide and facilitator; that I've only been doing it for a few months and that I'm still very much in my infancy of learning how to be a facilitator. I've always been the student - but to now be the teacher - what a role reversal for me! But one of the gentlemen in the workshop said to me afterwards that I'd gone from "beginner to pro instantaneously". How sweet; that was gratefully received.
There is a question; what is a Dakini? I invite the wisdom of the Dakinis to answer, and allow the fluid rhythm pulse of the ocean of goddess to move through like a gentle waterfall. Do you hear the gentle whisperings of the Dakini in nature? It is where the wisdom and love of the sacred feminine resides. Within the nooks and crannies, hidden in caverns, opening out into the sunlight; it is where the ocean meets the rain, and the above falls and merges with the below. In the imagination and remembering of all that is beauty, bubbling up from the wellsprings of pachamama's embrace with heaven. That is where you will find the language of Dakini uncovered. Dakinis are primordial divine feminine essences, catapulting the consciousness of our newly arisen feminine spirits to enter into their power and usher in the era of grace. Dakinis are the birdsongs whispering through the hair tresses of every woman, inviting a union with their full potential and joyful embrace of all that is true. To be one within and to be one without. To be be within the one and surrendered to the languageless echoes of soft sound, where the feminine speaks in poetics and channels the fire of celestial song.
I have had so many people send me inquiries about the smoothie recipe that I mentioned in Transforming Repression of the Divine Feminine, I feel that I may as well just make that smoothie recipe public, so that people can access that information without me having to of send out detailed emails to people.. Just to save myself the trouble. So, when I wrote that essay, two years ago, I was fond of a very particular smoothie recipe. And my smoothie recipe has morphed over the last two years, so I will share both - the old recipe and my current basic favorite, just to show that there's been a bit of a difference. Basically in my current recipe, I try to keep the amount of sugar in the milk super low - if not unsweetened, I no longer use Acai as religiously, and I ALWAYS have leafy greens in the smoothie. My current smoothie is a tad more bland and almost bitter, depending on the greens that I use. I'm trying to not have a superfoods milkshake every day now.
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