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I have now successfully facilitated three Ecstatic Medicine Vocal Circles! The third gathering was last night, and it filled my heart and soul full of so much gratitude and joy! A massive, undestroyable smile was etched across my face by the end of the gathering, and the gratitude from the participants was also so sweet and loving. I have so much to be grateful for, and so much gratitude within me! And in transformational times such as these, I feel it is so crucial to spill out the gratitude, because there truly is a love and peace centered earth in existence NOW and available to all! And for this we should all be grateful! And also, in my experience, I personally feel the living, breathing, tangible presence of the unified field of spiritual wholeness supporting my reality every single day, and without this 'Health Support System' from the spiritual or angelic realm, I would be falling on my face. I live because of this interwoven support system, and am completely indebted to it. Two years ago, I finally had the opportunity to be in ceremonial presence of my most esteemed and cherished shamanic teacher, Martin Prechtel. He had a massive amount of potency to the medicine he brought to all of us, but one thing still sticks with me. That is within the Mayan cosmology, of which he is modern culture hearth-bearer, there is a belief that all beings in the community must become indebted to each other in order to live. There is no idea of becoming debt-less, and the idea of having no debt is audacious to them. The idea is that we are all indebted to life, simply by virtue of being born a human and taking our first human footsteps. We are indebted to the earth, we are indebted to our mothers for carrying us, we are indebted to the plants and food for supporting us and offering us nourishment. And this indebtedness requires great humility and gratitude to all. This indebtedness and gratitude requires that we make offerings to the spirits to maintain wholeness of the interwoven fabric of life, of which we are indebted to.
I have discovered a new favourite method of emotional cleansing & clearing. I've only just learned this method some seven months ago, when I did my very first Blessed Herbs colon cleanse. I take baths, ritually, preparing the space for me to do some deep healing work on myself, culminating in several rounds of enemas. I gather all the necessary tools; bath salts, essential oils in the water, music, water, tea, smudge, but most importantly - the enema bag. I do my first round with half coffee - half water, following on subsequent rounds with pure water. I've grown to love doing three rounds of the coffee enema ritual, and have taken to doing maybe once or twice a month, as needed - when the need to clear out some heavy-hearted emotions arises. The most incredible meditations come through when I'm releasing with the enema. I squat on top of the toilet and release both waste and emotions. And the magic, I've learned, comes in through a deep state of relaxation - both in the mind and in the sphincter muscles. As I relax deeply, the colon releases more and more completely, and I go deeper and deeper into a profound state of meditation. It has become one of my favorite spiritual practices, because it facilitates opening up and surrendering and releasing the mind & thoughts & hurts & pains & frustrations. And I always seem to emerge lighter and brighter than I felt in the hours before.
When the Americas were colonized and genocided, the primary reason was that two fundamentally opposite perspectives or experiences of reality came face to face with each other - and they were not able to mutually coexist. Millions of people were killed, and the ancient ways of life of entire regions and villages were destroyed, because the languages, songs, cultural beliefs, the rituals and lifestyles - all stood to express that they had a completely different experience of reality than that of the white skinned Europeans that came to the Americas. A culture based on wealth, accumulation, greed, and hierarchy, came into contact with a people who lived lifestyles in touch with Nature, an intact non-western reality bubble, maintaining a completely different way of interfacing with the nature of reality. In those times, the discrepency between these two ways of interfacing with reality were simply not able to coexist, and as a result, the one that had the more aggressive, arrogant, hierarchical, selfish, bloodlusty weapons and beliefs won the battle. In recent times, in "Modern" industrialized societies, there were dominant paradigms that existed - and most people consciously or unconsciously agreed to the statutes of that reality view - whether it was in Victorian England, Mid 1920s Paris, suburban Detroit in the 70s, or midwestern high schools in the 80s and 90s - most people in that culture and time shared an agreed upon consensual experience of reality and navigaged from that. In general, those that experienced altered realities or different mind states were relegated to the categories of weird, strange, unusual or possibly even schizophrenic. It was simply impossible for Antonin Artaud to exist in 1930s Paris without being experienced as schizophrenic, despite the fact that he was a visionary genius who was experiencing a completely different, and wholly unique to himself, reality.
Yesterday, I discovered an essay by Suzanne Scurlock Durana, entitled 'A Guide to Full-Body-Presence' in the recent issue of Massage Magazine. What perfect timing. I've been feeling low energy, depleted, verging on depressed and unable to show up and be present, these last few days. I'd awoken this morning with that feeling of being slammed over the head by a frying pan; headachey and irritated at feeling so crummy. My roommate, Keala, reminded me to revitalize my Chi this morning, by doing breathwork, and exercising, and getting some fresh air. I didn't know how I would be able to truly come and meet the day today, so I prayed fervently, and then spent a half hour doing some basic chi cultivation movements, breathwork, and strengthening of my arms and core with weights. And then all of a sudden, I felt vitality slowly seep in. In her article, Suzanne talks about the importance of Full Body Presence to other bodywork practitioners, and the need for "a strong flow of healthy energy moving through" the body. I think this is crucial for every human being, not only for massage therapists and other alternative healer practitioners. She goes on to say:
"While left-brained intelligence that helps us understand anatomy and physiology is vital in our practices, we are all called now to more whole-body knowing. We must learn to remain present in all of our cells, trusting and living from the wisdom of our being. So don’t throw out your left-brain education; just add your gut knowing, your heart’s whisper of inspiration, and round that out with the inner vision of who you truly are."
I am guided by dreams. My life's trajectory has been directly influenced by dreams and visions. Once, several years ago at a party in Portland, I had this very profound psychedelic experience, which had been awaken only through chanting and dancing. I found myself outside next to the curb, feeling this strong sense that in order to be allowed into Heaven, you must learn how to sing a heavenly song. Your heart must feel it so deeply that your heart pours forth, becoming the key, through the frequency of feeling from the soul of the song. That was the sense I received in that moment. This sense echoed through to years later, when I woke up from a dream I had in Cusco Peru, the morning of my first visit to Saqsaywaman and my encounter with a random young Quechuan gentleman who toured me around Saqsaywaman, making Coca Leaf offerings and doing meditations at various sites. That morning, I had awoken from the most profound Lucid dream, which gave to me a clear vision of my life's work and what my purpose on earth is. I share with you the journalled story fresh from that moment, in June of 2007.

Reality Sandwich has recently published a new book, called Towards 2012: Perspectives on the Next Age. The book is filled with amazing essays by talented visionaries and writers from the Reality Sandwich website, and I have been fortunate...

It was time to leave the house and begin my afternoon errand run. I intended to go to Saturday Market and meet with a zafu artisan, and inquire about doing a trade of thai massage for some zafus, and proceeded to walk up to Hawthorne to catch my bus downtown. I walked to the nearest bus stop, but the sun was fierce. As it was 90 degrees and my skin was melting in the direct light, I needed to find a shady spot to wait for the bus. Given the time of day and the lack of shade shelter, the only spot available with a foot of shade was around the corner, next to the Convenience Store wall. It meant that I was now in indirect sunlight for only a few minutes until the sun moved a few degrees. I kept peering around the corner to see if the bus was on its way. I looked as far down the road as possible; no bus in sight, just cars swimming swiftly in the sunlight past me. As there was no bus on the horizon, I crouched down in the shade feeling drowned in the impossible to avoid sunlight; it was the same hot, draining sunlight that I felt in the Yucatan. An all consuming intensity that stole the energy from me. And suddenly, the bus came breezing by at top speed, passing the bus stop I was at. I was confused and upset; hadn't I just looked down the road only 30 seconds before and saw no bus coming? I couldn't believe I had to wait for another bus.
Given the current nature of global affairs, we have become consumed with placing our wagers on what's next as the "global economic crisis" event unfolds across the headlines. We have been feeling tremoring waves of this expectable event for some time now, and it should come to no surprise to John McCain and any other ostrich-heads-stuck-in-sand folks that the fundamental basis of our economy is dubious & unsustainable, and that there really is a transformational process unfolding on planet Earth currently. Is it surprising to anyone that as we walk daily towards 2012, and we walk daily towards a future of incredible technological innovation and the mandatory necessity of an eco-sustainability-centered future, that we will be confronted with every dirty aspect of the collective unconsciousness. As the planetary frequency shifts, we will all be experiencing some level of shamanic initiation and cleansing, which can bring up a lot of fear.
Published in Toward 2012: Perspectives on the Next Age A gentleman came to see me some time ago. This gentleman was carrying a lot of wounds around his sexuality, related to his adolescent use of pornography. Because he held so much anger towards his father, due to the emotional charge of that relationship, he released it and expressed it while he was masturbating to pornography. Thus, as he evolved and grew into an adult, his entire sexual relationship with himself was expressed as an act of aggression, releasing his pent up negative energy, and thus he was never able to merge his heart with his sexual energy. He acted out his aggression with women with whom he had a low esteem of, women who were easy to be judgmental of, always magnetizing himself to women who had low self-esteem and unresolved abuse issues. And simultaneously, he was never able to be present with them, he was often disassociated from them in a porn fantasy; thus he never sensually embraced them. He was unable to be present with them in the body, loving them or worshipping their juicy feminine shakti. And with the women he loved, and held a strong heart connection with, he was unable to cultivate sexual energy or desire with. It was this split, this huge emotional wound, that he desperately longed to release and transform, and thus he came to see me; a tantric bodyworker. He left a mind-blown man, as he'd never been that fully present in his body during any sexual experience in his entire life and indeed he had his very first full body orgasm. He asked for help, he stated his intention for transformation, and received what he asked for because he was clear about what he wanted.
You will not find me subscribing to the belief system that spirituality must be devoid of sensuality, or that to be a holy person, one must be ascetic, renouncing sexuality. Archaic notions, such as in order to reach refined states of consciousness, one must 'transcend' the flesh or be above 'dirty' things like sex, are notions best left to centuries uncivilized. It is the 21st Century, and it is time to transcend ignorant social restrictions that inhibit the circulation of our healthy energy bodies and psyches. I am here to vouch for the experience of the human potential, and the ability to transcend the mundane and experience deeply expanded states of highly refined consciousness within an intensely sexually ecstatic experience. And I am here to vouch for the opportunity that sexuality offers every one of us, the offer of mastering our life force energy, mastering our energy body, mastering our meditative consciousness, surrendering into the thousand petalled blossoming flower of our open heart, thus mastering our potential for the deepest bliss imaginable.
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