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We make mistakes. We are human beings; imperfect, unconscious some of the time, selfish and not thinking wisely always. Other human beings tend to look at us and make judgments about our lack of integrity. This I have come to accept is one of the primary rules or by-laws about living as a human being; that you must come to accept that other people will judge you. I feel that ultimately we all want peace of mind, which comes through a sense of integrity. But sometimes our integrity slips, and we act out of lack; we steal, we tell lies, we cut someone short, we fall through with our agreement, we don't do the dishes, we are late, etc.. The human story is one of drama, the drama of our experience, and our shared experience with other people. So many times, the story of "the drama" is a continuing saga of people frustrated with each other's lack of integrity; judging each other, holding each other accountable, and creating grudges. Thus creating psychic energies that have to be dealt with, healed, released, and oftentimes painfully evolved through. We are imperfect human beings, we make mistakes, and we want to be loved. We want to be loved and accepted because ultimately it makes us happy and feel good about life and ourselves. Being loved gives us a sense of wholeness that we often feel we lack, and we look to the relationships in our lives to bring us that state of wholeness and completion in our being. But then those that love us, witness our lack of wholeness, witness our lack of integrity and our mistake-ability, and begin judging us and withdrawing their love bit by bit. We feel hurt, we feel abandoned, we feel betrayed, we feel confused, we feel judged. We become angry and seek vengeance on those we loved.
Reality is Reponsive to Consciousness. We must begin to understand that our reality is shaped by our belief systems, not the other way around. We can create the reality we want, if our belief system is in alignment with our desires. If we want one reality, but our belief system says something else then our reality will create a mirror image of our subconscious beliefs. Reality is a dream mirage that teaches us how to be more in tune with ourself, it is as responsive to our consciousness as food is to our hands. We create what we want in the material realm, whether it be a plate of food or a hand crafted table or an item of clothing, and before we can begin, we must have the idea within our consciousness and begin making choices to create the manifestation of our plan. Whether it be making a journey to a destination, manifesting our new home, finding a new job - we can create what we want because reality is responsive to our desires and our creative energies are what propel us forward in this dance. And if we are confused, or uncertain of what we want, and we believe that we are out of control in reality, we will be shown exactly that it is true. We must own our power as creation masters, learning how to master the subtle dance of creating with our willpower and surrendering to the flow of the "reality support team" - spirits or what we can call the Tao - to help align us and bring to us what we need in perfect timing.
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