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Wahkeena Sitka | Soul Muse Sessions
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Soul Muse Sessions

Offering Private Sessions – In Person or Via Skype

earth-heartThis is an invitation to come into deeper connection with your Soul, and with your own authentic, tender and vulnerable heart. At times, we all need to move through our internal obstacles to accessing our inner wisdom – and there are many ways of moving that energy. One way of clearing those obstacles is accessing our creativity through singing and chanting.

Using the tools of Vocal Alchemy that I have cultivated, combined with a practice in Qigong, we will move the energy of your inner obstacles to allow you to blossom your wisdom, creativity, & empowerment. I combine intention setting, breathwork, toning, and chanting – with connecting on an intimate heart space – allowing you to fully feel & express your essence.

This is a participatory experience; you will be invited to use your breath, use your singing voice, and your emotions to do inner work. Be warned: this is not for those who do not wish to participate or receive a passive experience.

All Soul Muse Sessions are based in my years of facilitating Vocal Alchemy workshops, years of practice as a Bodyworker, and my practices of Qigong, Yoga, and Reiki.

In your Soul Muse Session, you will:

  • Express Yourself with Authenticity
  • Practice Guided Meditation & Qigong Breathwork
  • Practice Vocal Alchemy – Guided Singing & Chanting
  • Attune to your own Soul Wisdom
  • Receive an Mp3 Recording of our Session (Skype Session Only)

All Soul Muse Sessions can be shared either in Person or via Skype. 

In Person Sessions must be booked with a minimum 24 Hour Notice. Incall Location in Portland, OR.

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