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Here is my list of my favorite albums released in 2011. I hope you enjoy these albums as much as I have. Please support independent artists & buy these albums!

1) Akara • Extradimensional Ethnography

Akara's debut album is my favorite of 2011; its cinematic, orchestral, transcendental downtempo electronica breaks genres and creates its own world - unlike anything I've heard before. As an artistic statement, the album is completely cohesive and creates a cinematic sonic realm that is at once both totally unique & yet soulfully familiar. I urge you to take a listen to this amazing work of art! My favorite live music performance this year was seeing Akara perform at Beloved festival; it was pure magic. Check out this interview with Joshua Penman! Find it Here:

2) Bluetech • Rainforest Reverberations

I've been an ecstatically obsessed fan of Bluetech since 2005, and every album he's put out has been pretty much amazing. His latest release, Rainforest Reverberations, showcases some of my favorite tracks of his yet, and he co-created several tracks with other producers including Kilowatts & Kalya Scintilla, and featured the voices of both Eve LadyApples & Katrina Blackstone. Personally, I'm completely obsessed with the tracks 667 & Emerald Epiphytes, and I adore the poetic invocations of LadyApples that begin & complete the album. Additionally, this album is part of the Critical Beats series, so proceeds of this album go towards supporting the Amazon Rainforest. Find it Here:

Written in Response to the essay, "Tuning In!" published in the most recent issue of Conscious Dancer Magazine. Listen to the sounds surrounding you now. Open your ears. What do you hear? In every moment, we are saturated in a vibrational field of sounds, resonating within the cellular chamber of our body. Our body receives every sound and energy pulsing through it, from the dump truck picking up trash first thing in the morning, to the sound of a bus beeping as it backs up, to the sound of a hummingbird hovering just above us out of reach, to the undulating pulsings of a deep throat singing tone. Every sound registers in our body, and if we are present enough to the sensations in our body as we sit in a Modern Urban environment, we can learn how to become vibrationally aware to the degree that our bodies are being constantly thwarted in its attempt to reside in a peaceful state of homeostasis. Our bodies have the capacity to experience deep states of blissfulness, relaxation and pleasure. And likewise, our bodies have the tremendous capacity to be overwhelmed by stress, tension, pain and irritation.

I am guided by dreams. My life's trajectory has been directly influenced by dreams and visions. Once, several years ago at a party in Portland, I had this very profound psychedelic experience, which had been awaken only through chanting and dancing. I found myself outside next to the curb, feeling this strong sense that in order to be allowed into Heaven, you must learn how to sing a heavenly song. Your heart must feel it so deeply that your heart pours forth, becoming the key, through the frequency of feeling from the soul of the song. That was the sense I received in that moment. This sense echoed through to years later, when I woke up from a dream I had in Cusco Peru, the morning of my first visit to Saqsaywaman and my encounter with a random young Quechuan gentleman who toured me around Saqsaywaman, making Coca Leaf offerings and doing meditations at various sites. That morning, I had awoken from the most profound Lucid dream, which gave to me a clear vision of my life's work and what my purpose on earth is. I share with you the journalled story fresh from that moment, in June of 2007.
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