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Wahkeena Sitka | VOCAL ALCHEMY! Summer 2014
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VOCAL ALCHEMY! Summer 2014

VOCAL ALCHEMY! Summer 2014

Aloha Everyone,

I’ve decided to create & share a brand new series of Vocal Alchemy videos for the Summer of 2014. I will be releasing a new Vocal Alchemy video on my youtube channel, hopefully one every week for the next few months. I have just launched the first 5 new videos today – to lay the foundation for the new series of videos… Please check them out & leave some comments! Let me know what you think!

Introduction to Vocal Alchemy 2014:

Dantien Breathing:

Vocal Alchemy Warm-Ups:

Agua Turquesa – Vocal Alchemy Practice Song:

Singing as a Form of Self-Pleasuring:

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