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Wahkeena Sitka | Vocal Alchemy
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Vocal Alchemy

I *LOVE* to Sing. Everybody has unique gifts and talents and things that bring them joy and imbue them with creativity and passion. For me, that has always been singing. And so, I bring a lifetime of the joy of singing to Vocal Alchemy workshops.

I began offering Vocal Alchemy classes & workshops in 2009. I’ve offered Vocal Alchemy workshops at many festivals since 2009: Symbiosis, Beloved, Enchanted Forest, Emrg’n’See, Mystic Garden Party, and many other improvisational gatherings and events over the years.


The Vocal Alchemy workshops are heavily inspired by the shamanic use of Polyrhythmic chanting to enter into a group state of Trance in African cultures, like the Bushman culture. My Vocal Alchemy workshops are an opportunity to enter into a non-linguistic realm of trance and ecstasy.

I love the state of trance that you can enter into through the voice and movement, and I’m always thrilled to experience this in a participatory, co-creative group.

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