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Wahkeena Sitka | Winter 2014 BlissMix Vol. 5
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Winter 2014 BlissMix Vol. 5

Winter 2014 BlissMix Vol. 5


Synthetic Epiphany – Rebirth
Daughter (An-ten-nae Remix) – Medicine
Led Zeppelin (Virgin Magnetic Material Remix) – Whole Lotta Love
Random Rab – Release
Wildlight (Ayla Nereo & the Polish Ambassador) – Rise
Deya Dova – Footsteps in the Stars
SaQi – Quest’s End
Kyrstyn Pixton & Temple Step Project – I Alone
Desert Dwellers (feat. Ixchel Prisma) – You Can See Forever
The Polish Ambassador – Spines Entwined
Abakus (Bluetech Remix) – Cruise Control
Deya Dova – Bone Dance
Chris James & Alia – Ceremony
Hedflux – Wanderlust
Soulular – Touch
Aligning Minds (Kilowatts Remix) – Ether Perfect
Wildlight (Ryan Herr Remix) – Oh Love
Alice Spacedoll – Heart Light

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  • William Leverette

    I’ve spun this mix so many times in the last month and in such diverse settings, each distinct envelope of bliss orbiting incandescent pools of love and ecstasy, relaxation and integration. And getting the f*ck down (or up, as was often the case)! Now I’m hearing Lydia B. is cooking up a proper dance party for Portland, early Spring, to be orchestrated exclusively by female DJs and producers. How I wish you to be there, blessing us with stellar sequences from your curio of luminous auditory sculptures. Or Muse. Or your own weekly nomadic dance temple event… Ecstatic chance.

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